Tank Box – A New Multiplayer Mobile Game


TANK BOX: Get ready to wage a major TANK WAR in this new multiplayer mobile game developed by Mohammed Almadhoun at Optimus Game Labs. In Tank Box you can choose from a variety of tanks, weapons and arenas to prepare for an epic multiplayer tanks battle. AVAILABLE ON IPHONE AND ANDROID






Tank the enemy as you roll out your steel thunder in this fun new online tank game!

Roll out your mechanized armor force onto the battlefield and shoot your artillery downrange in style with your very own customized fighting tank! Awesome graphics and cool upgrade options makes this brilliantly designed game one of the most fun tank games in app stores anywhere. Awesome battle scenarios over many maps brings you into an action-filled tank game that will keep you coming back for more. All-ages gaming you won’t want to miss out on! Win valuable points and coins every time you win a battle! Awesome tank gaming experience!

Now challenge your friends on Facebook

– Fun battle tank game
– Awesome graphic and effects
– Integrated with Facebook
– Online play for maximum battle action
– Win points and earn coins when you win battles
– Brilliantly designed battle game with customizable battle tanks
– All-ages gaming that will have you on track for exciting gaming experience

Roll out into the battle zone and blast your enemies!
Recruit your friends today!

Unity3D Video Tutorial – Flashlight Game

This a great Unity3D video tutorial series created by Thomas Le, it covers many things such as terrain, texture, 3rd person controller, lights, scripting and much more. If you’ve just started using Unity 3D, this tutorial is a must do.

Unity3D Flashlight Tutorial Complete Series by RealityFluxStudios

A demo of the game can be played here (Use tab to turn the flashlight on and off):


Games Written in HTML5

Flow Free

URL: http://moh97.us/flow/
Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flow-free/pbnmelddedlommnmllmfhoephaidddmk
Screen Shot:

Chrome Simon

URL: http://simon.moh97.us/
Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-simon/ljabnknfodmgjpgcjlbhoodfgbfefhgo

Millionaire City Statistics

Millionaire City Statistics  (Houses, Commerce, Decorations and Wonders)

Millionaire City on Facebook is the only game that I play on the regular. In Millionaire City you have to strategically place your buildings including houses, commerce, decoration and wonders to maximize the return on your investment of land, time and money. If you play the game, you know that it can be hard finding certain statistics, let alone comparing and contrasting buildings statistics.

For those of you looking for Millionaire City statistics, here is a Excel file, followed by screenshots of all MC buildings statistics:


Download: millionaire_city_statistics.xls (There are multiple sheets in the spreadsheet)