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Change Facebook Thumbnail Image on Like Button

Here a quick and easy way to change the thumbnail image that Facebook picks for your website when a users clicks on the Like button or shares a link of your website on Facebook; Add the following line of code in HEAD section of the page:


where THUMBNAIL_IMAGE.JPG is the URL to the image that you’d like Facebook to use a the thumbnail.

Disable Auto Zoom in Internet Explorer or Safari Using HTML

To disable page auto zoom (auto scale)  in Internet Explorer, Safari or any other browsers, place the following META tag in the head section of your page:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no" />

CSS: Style Combo Box

There is no easy way to style a combo box using CSS, the best and easiest alternative I found is using the JQuery UI.

JQuery UI is an amazing library that offers many widgets, interactions, effects and styles.

This is a link to a combo box based on the JQuery UI auto complete library:

You can examine the source code of this combo box on this page

For themes to use with this combo box, chekc this link out:

Remove Link Underlines Using CSS

To remove underlining of hyperlinks you can use the following style code in the link’s A tag:

STYLE="text-decoration: none"

For example:

If you use

This is a link

you’ll get a link that looks like this ► This is a link

But if you use

This is a link

you’ll get a link that looks like this ► This is a link (No underlining)