Open PHP as a Text File Using .htacess

Place this code in the .htaccess file to disable processing of PHP files in a folder. This will remove the PHP handlers in Apache forcing the browser to load the PHP file as a text file. You can use this to secure folders where upload is allowed to prevent executing uploaded PHP files.

RemoveHandler .php .phtml .php3
RemoveType .php .phtml .php3

Mr. Speaker: Debating Business Issues in Less than 200 Words

The first of three debates that I wrote for a business class a few years ago. The purpose of the assignment was to debate a business issue in less 200 words. I hope some Business Administration students will find this helpful.


Debate 1: Is it personal? or is it just business?


Mr. Speaker, we are here today to debate the resolution that it is not personal, it is just business. As side opposition, we do not support this resolution and believe strongly that it must fail.

“Business is business,” executives say, implying businesses are nameless, faceless, profit-making machines.  “It’s not personal. It’s business,” serves as the all-purpose rationalization for “downsizing,” improving the “ROI,” and fiduciary duty to shareholders.

Is the purpose of a business to make profit with utter disregard to its social responsibilities? Is it in the interest of a business to operate without considering its impact on the environment? Is it beneficial for a business to neglect the welfare of its employees, and the community at large, as long as it’s profitable? The answer is no.

Businesses should be responsible towards their employees, their communities, and the societies of which they are part. A few of the benefits of being socially responsible are enhanced brand image and reputation; increased sales and customer loyalty; reduced regulatory oversight; and more ability to attract and retain employees. Case studies conducted by the IIDS, confirm that communities will reject businesses who are not good neighbours.

Besides being responsible towards their communities, businesses need to be responsible towards the environment. By buying locally, reducing the use of non-renewable resources, using recycled materials and minimizing packaging, businesses will not only reduce their impact on the environment; they will also cut production costs. In a report, the EDA concluded that “Going green can be both environmentally and economically beneficial.”

Side opposition, Mr. Speaker, would like to thank the House for its time and, for the reasons stated, reiterate that we believe strongly this resolution must stand fail.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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Commenting HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL & ASP

Use the tags below to enter comments or notes in your HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or ASP code:

Language Single/Multi-Line Start with End with Example


Single & Multi-Line



<!– This is an HTML Comment –>


Single Line


// This is a PHP Comment





/* This is

a PHP Comment */


Single Line


// This a JScript Comment





/* This is

a JavaScript Comment */


Single & Multi-Line



/*This is a CSS comment*/


Single & Multi-Line

‘ This is an ASP Comment


Single & Multi-Line



{ This is an SQL Comment }



— (Two dashes)

— This is an SQL Comment

PHP: Country Name from IP Address

Here’s a PHP script that demonstrates an easy way to get a country name or code from IP address using pure PHP.

Included in the file:

GeoIP.dat: a binary databases of countries and IPs maintained by The database is updated monthly and has a 99.5% accuracy rate. You can always get the latest version here. & sample.php: The PHP script.

Download: ~ 627KB

Special ALT Key Symbols & Characters ~ (Alt+1=☺)

Did you ever wonder how you can type a heart symbol ♥, a smiley face ☺, a little circle • or even the copyright symbol © ?

Wonder no more. You can type these special characters by holding the ALT key on your keyboard and entering the symbol’s number.

For example to type a smiley face: Hold the ALT key and press 1 and you’ll get ☺!

Here’s a list of some cool characters you can type:


Alt Code



Alt + 1


Alt + 2

Dark Smiley

Alt + 3


Alt + 4


Alt + 5


Alt + 6


Alt + 7

Solid Circle

Alt + 8


Alt + 254

Solid Square

Alt + 9

Empty Circle

Alt + 10

Circle in Solid Square

Alt + 11


Alt + 12


Alt + 13

Music Note

Alt + 14

Music Note

Alt + 15


Alt + 16


Alt + 17


Alt + 30


Alt + 31


Alt + 0153


Alt + 0169



Alt + 0174




There are, of course, many more but I think the list above encompasses the most frequanlty used ones.

You can use Windows Character Map to find more special characters, the program lets you copy and paste those characters.

To access Character Map: Click Start ► All Programs  ► Accessories ► System Tools ► Character Map.

The Five Marketing Environments – An Example

When planning a marketing campaign marketers have to take into account the changes in the marketing environment, including the competitive, social-cultural, technological, economic and political-legal environments. Here is an example of the changes that happen in these environments and their effect on Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser marketing strategy.


Center Background Image Using CSS – One Line of Code

Here is a little snippet of CSS code that you can use to center a background image. The background image will be fixed in its center position even if you scroll up or down the page.

Place this CSS code in the HEAD section of your HTML code



Don’t forget to change background.jpg to the name of your background image file.

Download: Example Page

Extract Links or URLs from A Web Page – Visual Basic 6 (VB6)

Extracting Links Using VB6

This is an easy way to extract links from a web page using a web browser control and a reference to Microsoft HTML Object Library. This code will extract all links in the href property of the A tag and save them to a text file named urllist.

  • Create a form.
  • Add reference to Microsoft Html Object Library.
  • Add a web browser control.
  • Add a List Box
  • Add a command button.

VB Code:


Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim c
    Dim aLink As Object

    For Each aLink In WebBrowser1.Document.All.tags("A")
        List1.AddItem aLink.href
    Next aLink

    Open App.Path & "\urllist.txt" For Output As #1
        For c = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1
            Print #1, List1.List(c)
    Close #1
End Sub

Private Sub Form_Load()
    WebBrowser1.Navigate ""
End Sub

Download: Extracting Links in Visual Basic