CSS: Style Combo Box

There is no easy way to style a combo box using CSS, the best and easiest alternative I found is using the JQuery UI. JQuery UI is an amazing library that offers many widgets, interactions, effects and styles. This is a link to a combo box based on the JQuery UI auto complete library: http://jqueryui.com/demos/autocomplete/#combobox […]

Text Effects Using CSS

► CSS Text Gradients   ► Create a Letterpress Effect with CSS Text-Shadow     ► Text Embossing Technique With CSS   ► CSS Gradient / Glossy Text Effect   ► Add grunge effect to text using simple CSS   ► Text-Shadow Exposed: Make cool and clever text effects with css text-shadow      ► CSS Text-Shadow in Safari, Opera, Firefox and […]

Commenting HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL & ASP

Use the tags below to enter comments or notes in your HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or ASP code: Language Single/Multi-Line Start with End with Example HTML Single & Multi-Line <!– –> <!– This is an HTML Comment –> PHP Single Line // // This is a PHP Comment PHP Mutli-Line /* */ /* This is […]

Center Background Image Using CSS – One Line of Code

Here is a little snippet of CSS code that you can use to center a background image. The background image will be fixed in its center position even if you scroll up or down the page. Place this CSS code in the HEAD section of your HTML code     Don’t forget to change background.jpg […]