JavaScript: Convert String to Integer (int)

To convert strings (text) to integer (number) in JavaScript use the parseInt function. For example: document.write(parseInt(“23 years”)); Will return the number 23, the function ignores the string “years” and return the integer 23 only. Another common example is:   If you enter 4 and 5, the script will return “45”  instead of 9.  To fix use the parseInt […]

Regular Expressions: Remove Links Hashes & Mentions from Tweet

Use this regular expresion to remove URLs (http://…) hashes (#ahash) and mentions (@amention) from Tweets or any other block of text for that matter. For PHP code use: /(@|#|http\:\/\/)([a-zA-z0-9\.\/])+/   For JavaScript: ^(@|#|http\:\/\/)([a-zA-z0-9\.\/])+$    

Text Effects Using CSS

► CSS Text Gradients   ► Create a Letterpress Effect with CSS Text-Shadow     ► Text Embossing Technique With CSS   ► CSS Gradient / Glossy Text Effect   ► Add grunge effect to text using simple CSS   ► Text-Shadow Exposed: Make cool and clever text effects with css text-shadow      ► CSS Text-Shadow in Safari, Opera, Firefox and […]

JSON: Tweets from Multiple Twitter Users

Use the following JSON URL to access tweets from multiple twitter users. Of course, you can parse this JSON response using JQuery, PHP or any other language to display these tweets however you want.

The Five Marketing Environments – An Example

When planning a marketing campaign marketers have to take into account the changes in the marketing environment, including the competitive, social-cultural, technological, economic and political-legal environments. Here is an example of the changes that happen in these environments and their effect on Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser marketing strategy.