Find Websites Hosted on the Same Server

To discover websites hosted on the same server, all you need to do is get the server’s IP address and search for IP:_SERVER_IP_   on

  1. To look up a server’s IP address: Click Start ► Run ► Type: cmd and press ENTER ► Type: ping ► This will return the website/server IP address.
  2. Now to discover websites on the same server, head over to and type IP:_SERVER_IP_FROM_STEP_1 (e.g. IP:  will return all the websites on this server).




PHP: Country Name from IP Address

Here’s a PHP script that demonstrates an easy way to get a country name or code from IP address using pure PHP.

Included in the file:

GeoIP.dat: a binary databases of countries and IPs maintained by The database is updated monthly and has a 99.5% accuracy rate. You can always get the latest version here. & sample.php: The PHP script.

Download: ~ 627KB