JavaScript: Convert String to Integer (int)

To convert strings (text) to integer (number) in JavaScript use the parseInt function. For example: document.write(parseInt(“23 years”)); Will return the number 23, the function ignores the string “years” and return the integer 23 only. Another common example is:   If you enter 4 and 5, the script will return “45”  instead of 9.  To fix use the parseInt […]

Regular Expressions: Remove Links Hashes & Mentions from Tweet

Use this regular expresion to remove URLs (http://…) hashes (#ahash) and mentions (@amention) from Tweets or any other block of text for that matter. For PHP code use: /(@|#|http\:\/\/)([a-zA-z0-9\.\/])+/   For JavaScript: ^(@|#|http\:\/\/)([a-zA-z0-9\.\/])+$    

CSS: Style Combo Box

There is no easy way to style a combo box using CSS, the best and easiest alternative I found is using the JQuery UI. JQuery UI is an amazing library that offers many widgets, interactions, effects and styles. This is a link to a combo box based on the JQuery UI auto complete library: […]

Commenting HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, SQL & ASP

Use the tags below to enter comments or notes in your HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript or ASP code: Language Single/Multi-Line Start with End with Example HTML Single & Multi-Line <!– –> <!– This is an HTML Comment –> PHP Single Line // // This is a PHP Comment PHP Mutli-Line /* */ /* This is […]