Regular Expressions: Remove Links Hashes & Mentions from Tweet

Use this regular expresion to remove URLs (http://…) hashes (#ahash) and mentions (@amention) from Tweets or any other block of text for that matter.

For PHP code use:



For JavaScript:




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JSON: Tweets from Multiple Twitter Users

Use the following JSON URL to access tweets from multiple twitter users. Of course, you can parse this JSON response using JQuery, PHP or any other language to display these tweets however you want.

Find Websites Hosted on the Same Server

To discover websites hosted on the same server, all you need to do is get the server’s IP address and search for IP:_SERVER_IP_   on

  1. To look up a server’s IP address: Click Start ► Run ► Type: cmd and press ENTER ► Type: ping ► This will return the website/server IP address.
  2. Now to discover websites on the same server, head over to and type IP:_SERVER_IP_FROM_STEP_1 (e.g. IP:  will return all the websites on this server).




Remove Link Underlines Using CSS

To remove underlining of hyperlinks you can use the following style code in the link’s A tag:

STYLE="text-decoration: none"

For example:

If you use

This is a link

you’ll get a link that looks like this ► This is a link

But if you use

This is a link

you’ll get a link that looks like this ► This is a link (No underlining)